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Tahani Aburaneh  |  President & CEO  

Regardless of what she does, Tahani Aburaneh’s determination stems from the clarity in her driving force, which is to make positive transformations (in people, businesses, and land).  

As Canada’s leading female expert in real estate investing, Tahani is a Land Developer, International Speaker, Trainer, and proud mother of two grown children.

Tahani is the founder of the Elite Real Estate Agent Training SIAC (Savvy Investor Agent Certification). SIAC is the first certification training that’s solely dedicated to Canadian Real Estate Agent who want to tap into the investor niche. At SIAC agents will learn comprehensive investor-niche
strategies, tactics, and methodologies, so that they can attract a constant flow of clients, differentiate themselves from other agents, and exponentially increase their income.

She is the author of the ‘Savvy Investor Agent Guide’ as well asReal Estate Riches Book’, which is ranked on Amazon’s real estate bestsellers list. In accordance with her drive to contribute, 100% of the proceeds from Real Estate Riches Book are donated to care.org, an organization that fights poverty in third world countries with an emphasis on women.

The true value of Tahani's success story is not in singing the merits of achieving accolades or being the recipient of many awards. Rather, her story should be seen as a true demonstration of how using the right framework and focusing on helping others can reward you more than you can imagine.


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