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My Embarrassing Story

Have you heard of the saying, "Every great journey starts with a first step"? The world's best athletes, achievers and thought leaders were all beginners at some point but got to the top of their fields because they kept moving forward, one step at a time.
Success Stories: Meet Michael Dominguez
Are you someone who gets inspired from seeing others reach heightened levels in their business and life, or do you get jealous and feel down?
Do you like seeing how other Realtors® in the same position as you are thriving in our current economy and how you can replicate the same process?
Expenses Investors Must Account For

Most real estate investors when buying an investment property, they calculate the cost (mortgage payment plus taxes plus insurance) and deduct that from income (rent collected) to get cash flow.

Unfortunately, a lot of newbie investors forget to take into consideration the simplest of expenses.
How ‘Love’ in Real Estate Investing Can Grow Your Business and Enrich Your Life

It’s a few days to Valentine’s Day, so it’s only right that the theme of this article is: Love.

Love for who you are, what you do, friends, investing, your tenants, etc. Take 1 minute to ask yourself: “What have I done recently to show appreciation/gratitude for the people and things I love?” It doesn’t have to be over the top, but something as simple and genuine as saying “Thank You” to people you love for being who they are.
1 Way to Make Sure Your Real Estate Investment Property Is Always Rented

Whether you are a new or experienced real estate investor, you should be able to answer this: What is the mantra of a real estate property?

For years, this concept has been repeated so frequently that it has seeped into the very seat of investors’ consciousness. So today, investors set out to find a property that will earn cash flow, and focus on finding a great location.

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