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How ‘Love’ in Real Estate Investing Can Grow Your Business and Enrich Your Life

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It’s a few days to Valentine’s Day, so it’s only right that the theme of this article is: Love.

Love for who you are, what you do, friends, investing, your tenants, etc. Take 1 minute to ask yourself: “What have I done recently to show appreciation/gratitude for the people and things I love?” It doesn’t have to be over the top, but something as simple and genuine as saying “Thank You” to people you love for being who they are.

So how is “showing love” related to you and your business? We are currently living through the beginning of what is called the “gift economy.” We have transitioned to a time where the more you give and love others, the more you’ll receive and the richer you'll become. This very concept is what I unconsciously used for many years to generate a waiting list of clients. And the more passionate you are about what you do, the more naturally you’ll go above and beyond the call of duty for your clients, tenants, team members, and network.

In an earlier blog post, One Trait that Every Successful Achiever Possesses, I shared that the main key to success is being genuinely passionate about what you do. If you find yourself constantly looking to learn more about mastering your craft, then you’re well on your way. Continue to show your passion and love, and keep providing so much value to your network that they have no other choice but to give back and help take you and your business up to the next level.

So make this month a loving one. Use the mindset of love and giving to grow your business, especially as the “gift economy” grows larger and larger. If helping build people’s wealth and your own wealth through real estate is an authentic passion of yours, then the book Real Estate Riches is perfect for you or as a gift to your loved ones. Inside the book, you’ll learn the proven step-by-step system you can simply model to build wealth and prevent yourself from making costly mistakes, and which was built on the very foundation of showing love and helping others.

Remember, if you keep loving whatever you’re doing each day and using it to help others, your life and business will unfold in ways you couldn’t imagine! Your voice and thoughts inspire others -- so in the comments section below, can you share what you love and are grateful for?

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is Canada’s leading female real estate investing expert and founder of Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC), specialized training that teaches real estate agents how to tap into the rapidly growing investor niche using proven step-by-step systems and tools so that they can generate a constant flow of closing deals, differentiate themselves from other agents, and exponentially increase their commissions. Tahani is also an international speaker and author of the Amazon Best-Selling book Real Estate Riches and Savvy Investor Agent Guide. Having battled adversity since her birth in a refugee camp, Tahani is a living testament of how anyone can rise above the odds by focusing on helping others. Learn More.

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