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Success Stories: Meet Michael Dominguez

Are you someone who gets inspired from seeing others reach heightened levels in their business and life, or do you get jealous and feel down?

Do you like seeing how other realtors® in the same position as you are thriving in our current economy and how you can replicate the same process?

I know I do! (and am constantly trying to avoid the get-jealous and feel-down types)

That's why we love hearing and sharing success stories, as well as speaking to our past students who are kicking-butt in the industry, so you can too. The goal here is simple: share best practices and insights that are working in our current industry so you can implement them in your business to get even better results.

Less than a year after taking the SIAC training, we caught up and spoke with Michael Dominguez from Durham region in Ontario. In that short time of implementing what he had learned to his business, Michael has almost doubled his commissions.

Answer this: "Have you ever bought a book or training program and never used it?"

It's because psychologically we are naturally wired to believe that by buying or making an effort to get something of educational value, we have already benefited from it even without implementing or taking action on what we've just learned.

Coaching Michael after SIAC gave me a glimpse of just how proactive and action-oriented he is and it was no surprise to learn about his results after the training.

Best Practice: Take massive action! Implement things you learn.

"Tahani helped me think bigger," Michael shared. "I was a relatively good Realtor® - earning awards from 2009-2012, but in 2013, the same year I joined SIAC, I reached sales levels nearly 75% higher than my previous best year. I never really considered reaching sales levels in that top 1% range just a couple of years ago, however, now I can see a plan to get there."

Insight: Think bigger! I can't say it enough. With consistent effort, your dreams are closer than you think.

Michael's business is now over 70% investor-clients and he earned the top realtor® spot in his office for commissions. He shared this: "There is a real advantage in working with someone who understands your market, understands where you want to be and genuinely wants you to get there. I have been part of other real estate training programs, but what differentiates Tahani and the SIAC training is that she is doing what I want to do. She has reached those levels and is reaching out her hand to pull me up to that level."

Insight: Find someone who has successfully done/accomplished what you want to do and get their guidance on how to arrive there faster while avoiding common mistakes.

Tapping into the investor niche as a realtor® has opened doors in my life that are incredible. It's happened to me, it's happening to Michael and if you focus on helping others, it will happen to you too.

Now I'd love to hear from you.

What's a best practice or insight you've heard, learnt, or experienced that really helped you out? Write your answer in the comments section below.

About Tahani Aburaneh

is Canada’s leading female real estate investing expert and founder of Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC), specialized training that teaches real estate agents how to tap into the rapidly growing investor niche using proven step-by-step systems and tools so that they can generate a constant flow of closing deals, differentiate themselves from other agents, and exponentially increase their commissions. Tahani is also an international speaker and author of the Amazon Best-Selling book Real Estate Riches and Savvy Investor Agent Guide. Having battled adversity since her birth in a refugee camp, Tahani is a living testament of how anyone can rise above the odds by focusing on helping others. Learn More.

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