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Is 2014 A Good Year For The Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge Investing Market?

There’s great reason for us Canadians to look forward to a profitable year, as economists and the Bank of Canada see our economy growing by at least 2.3 percent this year from only 1.7 percent in the past two years.

Critical Mistake Realtors Make In Their Marketing

Whether you’re a real estate agent who minimizes marketing costs by sticking to a website, social media, and business cards or an agent who advertises in magazines, bus benches, or even the bus itself, there is one thing in common regardless of the medium you choose:

You must write/communicate something to have your prospective client take action and call you.

What The Top 10% Of Realtors Do During The Christmas Season

How excited are you for the holiday season, Christmas, gatherings, and New Year's Eve now that it’s December? Indeed, it’s one of the happiest times of the year!

The question I have for you is, are you strategically leveraging this time to get ahead in your business? Here is a valuable lesson I learned early in my career while being around the best in this business.
More Agents Empowered To Tap Into The Lucrative Investor Niche

Over the course of the SIAC training, there were 3 common and profound themes that seemed to resonate with agents and kept being brought up. The results of our end-of-training surveys also confirmed that these 3 themes were some of the biggest lessons the agents took away.
Why Aren’t There More Female Real Estate Investors?

I’ve found that women have certain natural qualities that we can harness to succeed in any business. These natural qualities make us great real estate investors. Here are what I believe to be the qualities women naturally posses that can make them very successful real estate investors.

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