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Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC)

Register for our upcoming LIVE TRAINING EVENT to learn how to multiply YOUR commissions and create financial freedom for you and your clients by INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE

SIAC is the first certification training created that’s solely dedicated to Canadian real estate agents on how to successfully tap into the investor niche and completely understand the investor’s mindset. The training breaks down the latest findings in the real estate investing industry, investor negotiation psychology, and investor methodologies to create expert positioning!

At the certification training YOU will learn how to:
  • Exponentially increase your income working with Investors
  • The # 1 reason Why Agents fail with Investors
  • Decode and Dispel myths about Real Estate Investors
  • Replicate our Success by using our framework / system
  • Break through the Seasonality of typical Real Estate Business
  • Educate clients on how Real Estate outperforms other investments
  • Understanding Investor types and their common objections
  • Identifying Potential Investors and ways to connect with them
  • “Insider” tricks of the trade that will help you save money and close more deals
  • Grow a strong and predictable income
  • and much more!

Attendees will leave this training with investor-niche strategies, tools, and an understanding of common objections so that they can attract a constant flow of clients, differentiate themselves from other agents, and ultimately transform their business and life.

Start Now, 100% RISK-FREE! We will guide you Step-by-Step through all the information you need to successfully work with the investor niche immediately!

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