The Females In Real Estate™ aka (F.I.R.E show™) is about exploring how ordinary women can create wealth through real estate investing which in turn helps them in creating an impact for their families, communities and perhaps even the world. The goal is for investors to learn best practices and proven investment strategies from high profile investors, high-net-worth entrepreneurs, industry experts, and world-class creators.

Follow along as our women can also learn how to integrate their wealth building mindset and ultimately, change their financial future for the better. The overarching theme of the show is empowering women and helping them face their fears to enhance their confidence by showcasing the life-changing opportunity through Real Estate Investing.

She didn’t just break the proverbial glass ceiling. She broke the mold.

Tahani Aburaneh is one of Canada’s top real estate moguls and serial entrepreneur. She is also an international speaker and bestselling author of Real Estate Riches (published by Wiley and Sons). She is a shining female star in a heavily male-dominated industry.

 But Tahani’s more-than-humble beginnings, are both heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. An investor and motivational speaker on the subject of leadership,

Tahani is now trailblazing a new legacy project, the first of its kind in North America called: F.I.R.E  –  a highly specialized application-based mentorship and mastermind program.  In addition to a wider free Facebook community for women. F.I.R.E is a movement designed for women who want to build financial independence through real estate.

Tahani believes every woman deserves the right to feel financially secure, and she is on a mission to champion as many women as possible with the F.I.R.E.  movement

Tahani Abruaneh

Tahani Abruaneh


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