Podcast Episodes

00 | Introduction to the F.I.R.E Podcast | Tahani Abunareh

In this introductory show, Tahani provides us a peek into her difficult childhood. How did Tahani find the strength and confidence to set up a real estate business as a divorcee and a single mother?

Real estate is perceived as a   business. Given these perceptions, was it particularly difficult for Tahani to carve out her own space in this profession? You will learn how a dearth of women entrepreneurs led Tahani to start the F.I.R.E. movement.


09 | How To Use Private Money To Finance Mortgages Susan Flanagan

In this episode, let’s get on with Susan Flanagan, a nurse by profession but has been in the real estate industry for more than 30 thirty years. With an experience spanning those years, she will surely get you lots of wisdom on this field. 

Whether you are looking to borrow private funds or wanting to invest in private mortgages tune in to this episode and hear more than enough about all these insightful topics.


08 | 5 Properties In 5 Years

Fire properties in five years. Sounds like a very ambitious goal for a property investor. Is it possible? Some would say, it is a very its a very difficult number to reach and a dangerous path to make a stockpile of properties.

But in this episode, you will be surprised that with seven simple steps, you may be a property tycoon. However, these steps are not for everybody. You will be guided on how to carefully execute these steps.


07 | How Ingenuity, Tenacity and Strategy Can Help You Find Success in Real Estate | Shanna McFarlane

In this episode, Tahani interviews Shanna McFarlane, Partner/Sales Rep at Shanna McFarlane Real Estate Group at Re/Max Hallmark. Shanna reveals some expert tips which will help you finance and profitably manage your real estate properties.

This show starts off Shanna revealing her background information. From being homeless to a top real estate investor, Shanna’s story is all about grit, ingenuity and entrepreneurship.


06 | How to Find Great Real Estate Deals | Tahani Abunareh

As a first time investor, you are always on a look out for great deals. Today’s episode is all about finding the best deal for you.

We cannot deny that the internet is the best place to find great deals, but as a wise investor, you know that the right source is your realtor.


05 | How to Profitably Invest in Real Estate and Generate Handsome ROI’s | Kelsey Ramsden

In this episode, Kelsey Ramsden, a Canadian entrepreneur with a background in real estate. 

Kelsey has some great advice for inexperienced folks who are planning to transition to real estate investing. You will learn why a small commercial property is your best bet. We also reveal the challenges of buying a piece of land and developing a property from the ground up. Should you venture into land development without long staying power? We discuss WHY this is not a good idea.


04 | How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started in Real Estate Investing? | Tahani Aburaneh

In today’s episode, we answered the number one question asked from our Facebook community, how much money do you need to start investing in real estate?

This is a common question asked a lot by new real estate investors. After all, don’t we need a significant amount of money to start investing?

Listen until the very end because this is one eye-opener episode if real estate investing is for you.


02 | My Surprising TEDx Experience | Tahani Aburaneh

In the first part of the show, Tahani tunes in when she is driving to Toronto for her TEDx talk. While it is natural for Tahani to feel happiness and excitement, why does she experience fear?

In the second part of the show, Tahani shares the relief and exuberance that she is feeling after delivering the TEDx talk.


01 | The Truth About Your Happiness | Gillian Mandich

In this episode, we will listen in to Gillian Mandich, Happiness Expert as she animatedly and happily shared her knowledge about truths on happiness.

Are you one who complains about just anything and everything? Even how much you try to convince yourself you don’t seem to find a silver lining in all the chaos that’s happening around? Well then, stop and listen in to hear Gillian’s practical tips to everyday happiness.