Tahani Abunareh CEO of Tahani Developments Inc. reveals her deeply personal reasons which motivated her to launch the F.I.R.E podcast.

In this introductory show, Tahani provides us a peek into her difficult childhood. You will learn about her struggle to adjust to a new and (then) alien country, her marriage at the age of 15 and then a difficult divorce. How did Tahani find the strength and confidence to set up a real estate business as a divorcee and a single mother?

Real estate is perceived as a business. Given these perceptions, was it particularly difficult for Tahani to carve out her own space in this profession? You will learn how a dearth of women entrepreneurs led Tahani to starting the F.I.R.E. movement.

For all this and much, much more tune in to our first and very special show!

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  •      The PURPOSE of this show
  •      A brief background of our host, Tahani Abunareh
  •      How real estate investing can help you achieve a good work life balance


“What is the purpose of living? Why am I so blessed while others are struggling so much?”

“It is about believing in your ability and your worth and you too can do it”


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Females in Real Estate – Join the F.I.R.E movement

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