In this episode, we will listen in to Gillian Mandich, Happiness Expert as she animatedly and happily shared her knowledge about truths on happiness.

She opened the show relating her recently earned a doctoral degree in Health Sciences and the researches she did refer to human being’s most sought after “need for happiness.”

Are you one who complains about just anything and everything? Even how much you try to convince yourself you don’t seem to find a silver lining in all the chaos that’s happening around? Well then, stop and listen in to hear Gillian’s practical tips to everyday happiness. Yes, it’s possible and doable. And you will be surprised to find out the often obvious but taken for granted facts about your happiness.

As the topic is about happiness,  Gillian also discussed the need for social connections and meaningful relationships. Another thing is the need for meditation specifically the one she practices herself, and that is yoga. Learn to delve more into her personal life experience about it and how it contributed massively to her well-being and to yours, too. Connecting with a Higher being is also part of her agenda. You should look forward to hearing all the logical reasons for that.

Not satisfied with what she already shared with you, she goes on to tell you the one actionable step to your happiness and health.

Are you ready? Because Dr. Doctor Gillian Mandich is.

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  • Happiness is an everyday practice and not a short-term goal
  • How you should focus on yourself and what makes you happy
  • There’s a so-called term called “dark side happiness” which crushes down true happiness
  • Happiness is 50% genetic, 10% environment and 40% skill based activity


“Happiness is not a short term goal. Happiness is a practice every single day; there is no end point, no destination that you’re going to arrive at.”

“What happens is, there’s this psychological concept called hedonic adaptation and what that teaches us is that we as humans, we’re adaptive creatures, so things that we think matter. They don’t have as big of an impact on us as we might think because we live it every single day. It’s like if you grow up next to a train track, you don’t hear the train going by anymore.”

“Happiness is a learned behavior. It’s a practice that every single one of us can do. So no matter what you were born with, no matter where you live, you have this huge capacity to impact your happiness.”

“Happiness isn’t a destination. Happiness is a practice, and it’s different every single day.”

“It doesn’t matter what religion or belief system it comes from. But taking the time to connect in and to connect to a higher source or yourself is very important. And generally, people that do those types of practices are happier than anyone else.”

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