In the first part of the show, Tahani tunes in when she is driving to Toronto for her TEDx talk. While it is natural for Tahani to feel happiness and excitement, why does she experience fear? Tahani reveals her emotional dilemma – while she wants listeners to benefit from their story, she does not want to hurt her near and dear and ones as well. What is the best way to resolve such inner conflicts? You will learn the importance of having a close-knit and wise peer group. Tahani urges listeners to dig deep to discover what they truly hold important.

In the second part of the show, Tahani shares the relief and exuberance that she is feeling after delivering the TEDx talk. What are some important lessons that Tahani learnt after delivering her talk? You will also learn how to tackle overwhelm and excessive feedback. We share the importance of cultivating a flexible approach – and lastly, and most importantly listening to your heart and doing what you truly believe to be true.

Tune in for some great insights!  


“At the end of the day, everyone has an opinion. What one person thinks is amazing, someone else might think it is not. What one person thinks is powerful, someone else might think it is not”.

“You seek within yourself, with your knowledge, with your resources, what is the best thing for you regardless of what everybody else thinks”.


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