In this episode, Kelsey Ramsden, a Canadian entrepreneur with a background in real estate. Kelsey reveals some great Tips and Tricks for investing in real estate and generating extremely attractive returns.

This podcast kickstarts by Kelsey sharing her background information – and making some interesting market predictions. Is this market on the verge of a correction? We discuss if poor affordability will open up some great investing opportunities.

Kelsey has some great advice for inexperienced folks who are planning to transition to real estate investing. You will learn why a small commercial property is your best bet. We also reveal the challenges of buying a piece of land and developing a property from ground up. Should you venture into land development without long staying power? We discuss WHY this is not a good idea.

We also reveal the asset classes that you should consider investing in right now. This show is loaded with some great Tips and Tricks. Tune in now!

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  •       Whether to Buy, Hold or Sell in the current market scenario
  •       Why a small commercial real estate is the ideal property for making a foray into investing
  •       Land Development – Challenges and Opportunities
  •       How to prepare a well thought out exit plan
  •       Asset classes that can fetch investors attractive ROI’s


“You go out and start buying when no one else is buying”.

“If everyone is doing it then it is time to get out”.

“Real estate is not about having the cheapest block on the place. It is about having a home”.

“Everybody talks about failure and grit and all the downside stuff. No one is talking about the successful people who still feel terrible”.


Success Hangover: Ignite Your Next Act. Screw Your Status Quo. Feel Alive Again


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