As a first time investor, you are always on a look out for great deals. Today’s episode is all about finding the best deal for you.

We cannot deny that the internet is the best place to find great deals, but as a wise investor, you know that the right source is your realtor.

Anyway, when you call your realtor, you should ask for a CMA report, and it will be discussed in-depth in this episode what is it and why do you need it.

Plus, you will know the meaning of assessed value and why do you need to look into this while looking for a property to buy

Who do you know that can benefit so much by learning these tips and tricks on finding great real estate deals? Share this to them and enjoy!

Want to know my secret weapon when it comes to mortgages?

What you will learn in this episode

  • How do I find properties below market price
  • Why do you need to ask your realtor to do a comparative market analysis on a property
  • The right place to find great real estate deals
  • What to look for when comparing one property to another
  • The importance of knowing the assessment value of a property


Go by what is sold and not what’s for sale

The bigger the gap between the assessment value and the price is not as good of a deal. And the closer the gap, the better the deal is.

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