Five properties in five years. Sounds like a very ambitious goal for a property investor. Is it possible?

Some would say, it is a very its a very difficult number to reach and a dangerous path to make a stockpile of properties.

But in this episode, you will be surprised that with seven simple steps, you may be a property tycoon.

However, these steps are not for everybody. You will be guided on how to carefully execute these steps.

And that’s why you do not want to miss this episode full of strategies that could lead to building a sustainable property portfolio.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What is your investment goal
  • Identify where you are right now; the first step in reaching your property investing goal
  • Choose the best real estate investing strategy for you
  • The importance of picking your market
  • Line up your finance and meet with a savvy investor mortgage broker
  • Build your team of experts
  • Decide on your investment property criteria
  • Bonus Tip: Discover how to identify the target tenant and pick the right property for them
  • Create the plan to find the best real estate deals



“Start with something that is close to you. Learn that area so that you can build the team and then move forward from there.”

“Build your team before you need their services. Not last minute.”


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