In this episode, let’s get on with Susan Flanagan, a nurse by profession but has been in the real estate industry for more than 30 thirty years. With an experience spanning those years, she will surely get you lots of wisdom on this field.

Susan went to buy her first private property in the early eighties and made money on it. While she continued working as a nurse, she kept buying properties and started growing her business.

If you think she had it all smooth, think otherwise,  because she also had financial setbacks back then. Susan, not having a mentor, and not much natural resources to rely on,  as what we all have now and with Google too, didn’t help much.

Along the way, she got herself into private money lending for mortgages assisting both borrowers and lenders on a regular basis.

Listen in to her as she pours her strategies and tactics in turning things around in her favor.

Whether you are looking to borrow private funds or wanting to invest in private mortgages tune in to this episode and hear more than enough about all these insightful topics.

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  • The strategies that Susan followed while facing the struggles of an upcoming entrepreneur
  • Why it is important to follow your gut feeling and having a mentor
  • How to get into flipping real estate properties
  • Private Funds Vs. Bank Funding
  • How to use private money to finance mortgages and be successful at it


“I guess the biggest thing I’d like to say to anybody, and it applies to me, it applies to you, is that we never stop learning. And so just be open minded to always learn new things.”

“There are people out there that are in the business of, it’s a joke of a name. It’s called a “loan to own”. And it’s not a good thing. What they’re doing is they will lend money to anybody. They just do not care about their situation to any degree. They will gouge them terribly knowing darn well that their situation is not fixable and ultimately take their house.”



The RRSP Secret:Defend and Build Your Wealth With This Powerful Investment Strategy” by Greg Habstritt.


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