Creating Financial Independence and Security Through Real Estate Investing

Creating Financial Independence and Security Through Real Estate Investing

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Hi, I’m Tahani

“I believe that every human has a right to feel financially secure and have financial independence. I also believe that each and every human is capable of doing so by real estate investing. I’m a living proof of that. Investing in real estate made me a millionaire.”

I’m a mother, self-made millionaire, real estate investor, developer, speaker, author, and wealth coach. From rags to riches, I endured and persisted through a mountain of challenges. Utilizing Real Estate as a vehicle to compound wealth, and to create a life of passion, wisdom, and success: I am driven to help replicate that success in the lives of others.

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Tahani is an inspiration. She shows firsthand how with the right mindset and the right team you can build a future in real estate while not compromising what’s truly important.

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– Inspirational Speaker, Author & Film Maker

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The Inspirational Woman Project: Tahani Aburaneh

Regardless of what she does, Tahani Aburaneh’s determination stems from the clarity in her driving force, which is to make positive transformations (in people, businesses, and land)…

A Child Immigrant Turned Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Mogul

I had a hard time finding good work after graduating from college – so I created my own!  As an entrepreneur, I found the freedom to be ambitious and be there for my kids.

From refugee to real estate mogul: How Tahani became a self-made millionaire

When self-made millionaire Tahani Aburaneh looks back her humble beginnings, even she sometimes can’t believe her unlikely trajectory…

Tahani interviewed on the Marilyn Dennis show

Tahani keynote speaker at the Bigger Pockets Conference

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Tahani’s story is powerful, and demonstrates what can happen when you focus on helping people and living your passion. She reveals the ‘human’ side of real estate investing, and why it’s so important to build a powerful team around you that you can trust.

Greg Habstritt 

– Founder of and Best-Selling author of The Real Estate Secret

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Tahani is driven to continouosly making positive difference in the world

We Believe in 4 guiding mantras that drive everything we do.

Never do something "just for the money"
The more value you add to others, the more money you'll receive in exchange.
Surround yourself with smart and successful people
If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.
The more specialized, the more valuable you’ll become
No business can possibly be everything to everyone.
Pay it forward
We are here to make a difference in this world.

Above all, we’re here to make an impact in our world.

When you invest in your future by working with us, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re also helping support those in need from developing nations. We regularly contribute and donate to local and international causes.

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