Where I came from and
what kept me

It all started with the knowing that Education is THE BEST WAY OUT OF POVERTY.

  • I Was born and raised in a refugee camp in the Middle East,
  • Born into a family of 7 brothers and 2 sisters
  • Loved belly dancing as a little girl
  • Because of arranged marriage at 15 years old I moved to Canada.
  • 22 years later, I learned hustle and hard work as a single mom raising 2 kids, while building a business
  • Learned how to swim, ride a bicycle and ski at age 45
  • In a matter of few hours, I can cook a meal that will feed 20+ people
  • I have traveled over 36 countries all over the world

From a humble beginning to:

  • Canada’s top expert on Real Estate Investing
  • Founder of 5 companies with 6, 7 and 8 figures
  • Along side Wiley & Sons wrote a best selling book.
  • Empowering & inspiring people globally by sharing my story of Transformation on major stages and events
  • Trainer and Coach to Professional Realtors, Investors and Entrepreneurs

Now I stand

  • As a global advocate for education
  • A leader in Women’s Financial Empowerment
  • Wealth Creation through Real Estate Investing
  • As a believer that Entrepreneurs are the solution to Global Economic Development
  • For perseverance when all odds are against you. Yes You Can Triumph.

I’m often asked, despite all
odds and adversity, what kept me going?

I say for every challenge I face, I always see possibilities not blocks, I see best of the situation not worst.
Using my voice to speak up for those who can’t yet be heard.

The reason why
you’re not wealthy is because
you’re chasing money

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